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* About Us *

   Established in 1978, Granite Records is currently located in Delray Beach, Florida, having relocated from Merrimack, New Hampshire.  We have two divisions: Granite Recording Studio and ESP Music Video Productions.

We have worked with various companies such as;  Digital Equipment Corp., Siemens, Nokia, " Ripleys Believe It or Not ", Discovery Channels " Megscience " theme song and others.
Our challenge is to present quality music to the consumer, while allowing artistic freedom.  Future involvement in animation, DVD productions and other soundtracking projects are planned.

   Dave Thomas is our Executive Producer and the Founder of Granite Records. He is a professional musician with over 35 years of music industry experience including; production, engineering, midi-programming and professional performance, Dave is also a songwriter with over 350 pieces of copyrighten music.

His training includes classical Pipe Organ with Hector Spec, Choir/Organ Master at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France.  JAZZ Fusion with Frank Cannario ( The Silver Trumpet ) and Vince Carmen Jazz organist ( played with two hands and feet ).

Dave performed classical and original pieces of music at concerts sponsored by the Rhode Island Theater Organ Society.  He performed at Barrington College, Providence and Cranston Cathedrals.

Presented at Midem Music Convention in Carnes, France by Boston Music Group.

At the age of 15 Dave performed on the Gulbransen Electronic Theater Organ in 8 Television commercials  for "Keyboard 88"  music stores of Rhode Island. He also performed at many of the electronic musical instrument trade show events as a representative of the store chain.

Performed with :  Code-5,  Jade,  Vision, Rasberries, Army as Keyboardist / Songwriter.

Solo performances of  "The Emerson Steinway Project "  toured New England and New York . Electronic Rock was performed using 7 Synths, Hammond B-3, 95 Lights. Smoke Machines, Flash bombs and as much as 7500 watts of 5-way sound greatly enjoyed by crowds estimated in excess of 8,500 people.

Studio Musician : AAA Recording Studio  Boston Mass.
                              Granite Recording Studio New Hampshire & Florida

  We are a full Digital / Analog recording studio. We use Digidesign Pro-Tools and Master List CD on a Mac G-4 and G-5 for all Midi and Master Recordings. Our recordings are Red Book with " Sound Designer 2 " file format, not MP3. This allows for complete compatibly and the finest  sound quality available. Other file formats available upon request, please E-Mail us with your needs.
  Granite Recording Studio has staff Song writers and Composers, that can produce original music
for your soundtracking needs ;  Corporate Videos, Movie soundtracking ( See ESP Productions below ), Wedding Videos,  Music Compilations.  E-Mail us with your needs.
  We also do Analog to Digital conversion. Our engineers can produce a high quality CD master from your Tape Masters ;  Tascam 8 Track Reel to Reel ( 1 inch wide tape ),  Tascam  4 Track cassette w / DBX Noise reduction,   Akai 4000 DS  2 Track Reel to Reel ( 1/4 inch wide tape ),   Fisher Studio standard  high speed cassette tape duplication deck, Fisher Studio Pro 8 Track Cartridge with Dolby Noise Reduction.

  All our equipment is state-of- the-art. The classic and ancient stuff is professionally maintained and calibrated by factory trained techs.
   All CD-R's are High Quality Maxell  or Pioneer Pro Disc with Standard Jewel Case, unless otherwise specified. We print directly on to the CD-R. No PAPER LABELS to jam your player. For large quantity orders we use our affiliates " OASIS CD Manufacturing ".   

Cassette tapes ( Maxell ) available upon request. Please Email us for your special needs.
All Q.A. is performed in house. We use four different speaker testing systems ; Acoustic Research AR-9's and AR-610's, Yamaha MS-50 standard studio monitors, Altec Lansing  AC 45 monitors

* Instruments  at  Studio *

Roland Synths : S-50 Sampler, JX-8P Synth, A-90 Piano / Midi-Controller, Sh-101Synth,                 
                           Mt-32 Synth, TR-505 Drum Composer

Korg Synths : Poly-61, Symphonic-80S Piano

Technics : Kn-880 Synth

Emu ; EMAX Synth / Sampler
          Racks : X-streme Lead , Planet Earth, Virtuoso 2000,Proteus 2000, Hip Hop

Software Synths : Groove Master, Sample Tank, Storm, Vibra-1000 Synth, Koblo Synth
                               Logic Pro, Garage Band

Hammond B-3 ( 1953 Vintage ) with 147 Leslie

Alverez  6 and 12 string  Classical Guitars
Fender Stratocaster

Mac G-4  with;  DigiDesign Pro Tools LE with Master List CD
                          Final Cut Pro, DVD Pro
                           Toast Titainum w / Jam
                            Spark LE Digtal Post Processor

Mac G-5 with; Digidesign Pro Tools Rack
                         Logic Pro
                         Garage Band with full plug-ins

Dell Dimension 8400
Compaq Armada
Mac 512e with MOTU Performer
Yamaha Sequencer : QX-7

                                Music Productions                                A. & R.                                       
                                Artist Management                               Music Publishing                
                                Music Videos                                       Graphics Arts
                                Photography                                         Web Master
                                Soundtracking                                       Digital Video
                                Final Cut Pro                                         DVD Studio Pro
We do everything else at Granite Records. Our future goals are to produce 24 bit DVD complete music videos with Dolby Quality sound for our artists music. Video CD's are currently in production and will be on sale soon.