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* ESP Productions Music Videos *

    We would like to invite you to Premiere our new music videos for the artists at Granite Records. Enjoy these full length QuickTime format movies. These Movies require latest QuickTime plug-ins 6.4 for best results. All movies are full song length. In the future we will be presenting many different styles of Music Videos to conform to the different music gendres of our artists.  

The Granite Records Music Videos
4 music videos produced and filmed by Dave Thomas
Music by : NeoBite, David Stonebridge, Emerson Steinway and Dave Thomas

Ancient Worlds
Music Video: Ancient Worlds
Artist: Emerson Steinway
Time: 4 min.06 sec.

Southern Hospitality
Animated Photo Jam: Southern Hospitality
Music: Saturday Morning
Artist: David Stonebridge
Time: 4 min.51 sec.

"Cry Freedom"
6 Min. Short Film

Cry Freedom is an unforgettable short film that has a profound impact on its viewers. The story begins with a boy who strapped on a bomb for $21 dollars
and 72 virgins and takes you on a tour, side by side, with American soldiers             as they fight for Liberty and Freedom against terrorists veiled in disguise        amongst  their own people.
This film was created by Dave Thomas along with the title soundtrack. Vocals by Boston based singer Nancy "Gigi" Abraham. The film is currently at the Sundance Film Festival and others. It will be availble for viewing soon.