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" Classic 80's Top 40 Rock "

 "Live at Pepe's Rock Palace"

    Code-5 is a classic "80's" top 40 rock / original band. They performed in many clubs, concerts, etc. around New England and New York.  They put on a complete rock show with 95 lights, smoke, flash pods, and about 7500 watts of 5 way sound. Code-5 has entertained audiences from 800 to 8000 people. These performers are some of the finest in New England. Dave Thomas, executive producer of Granite Records managed, booked, played keyboards and wrote original music for the band.
   This very special live performance was at "Pepe's Rock Palace" near Boston Mass. back in the "80's". WPRO Radio , top station in Rhode Island,  was there with a live broadcast. DJ Andy Jackson hosted the show.  Pepe's and WPRO radio put together a contest to win a Daytona Beach Florida vaction with $5000 spending money. This large club had a max. cap. of 800 people, but with the radio broadcast, people were in the parking lot with chairs, in the back of the building in the weed field listening thru the windows. The local fire marshall counted over 925 people in the building and some had to go. The owner began to ask some people to leave and that they could return when some patrons left the building, this is when it got ugly. Nobody wanted to leave. One patron struck the owner in the head and two others grabbed the fire marshall and threw him out of the building. The music went on non-stop the croud cheered and the people danced like there was no tomorrow. The night was great !
 This performance gives the listener a surreal big club feel. The live sound quality is superb.
Code-5 supplies what you need when you really want to  " ROCK ".

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Price $9.97
 shipping and handeling included
 anywhere in Continental U.S.

Live at Pepe's Rock Palace

1           "Intro"
2          "Do You Want Cryn"
3           "Walkn on Sunshine"                        Katrina and the Wave
4           "Authority Song"                                John Cougar
5          "After the Fall"                                   Jouney
6           "How I Love You"                              Original-Dave Thomas
7           "Workn for a Livin"                           Huey Lewis and the News
8          "Heat is On"
9          "Gimme All Your Lovin"                      ZZ Top
11         "Anyway You Want It"                         Jouney
12         "Lucky Ones"                                     Loverboy
13        "Proud & Free"                                    Original-Dave Thomas  
14        "Mission of Mercy"                             The Motels
15        "Warrior"                                            Scandel
16        "Voices Carry"                                    Berlin
17         "1984"                                                 Original-Dave Thomas
18        "Jump"                                                 Van Halen
19        "Its Too Late"                                      Original-Dave Thomas  
20       "Radio Ad"                                            University of Maine Radio


  Lucky Ones

 After The Fall                                                           

  Mission of Mercy

 - Its Too Late-
Writtem by: Dave Thomas
Copywrite 1987

The Code-5 Limo