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" Music for the Gods "

This is an Electronic New Age tribute to all the Gods that  have ever been worshiped by man. Many pieces of  music  have been inspired  by actual places  and events. There are 14 pieces approx. 70 mins. of music on the part-1 pre-release to the trilogy.

Emerson Steinway is artistry in motion, an electronic "New Age" master. Synthetic Soundscapes are uniquely created and programmed by a bank of Classic Synths, Digital Samplers and other devices. With a remarkable and intriguing style, creating a tapestry of musical sounds, colors and textures, Emerson Steinway stands alone. Distinctive. Innovative. A true blending of the past, present and future.
  Career Highlights

Training includes classical Pipe Organ with Hector Spec, Choir/Organ Master at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France.  JAZZ Fusion with Frank Cannario (The Silver Trumpet) and Vince Carmen Jazz organist (played with two hands and feet).

Performed classical and original pieces at Barrington College concerts sponsored by the Rhode Island Theater Organ Society.

Presented at Midem Music Convention in Carnes, France by Boston Music Group.

Performed on the Gulbransen Electronic Theater Organ in 8 Television commercials for "Keyboard 88" music stores of Rhode Island.

Performed with : Code-5, Jade, Vision, Army as Keyboardist / Songwriter.

Solo performances of "The Emerson Steinway Project " toured New England and New York . Electronic Rock was performed using 7 Synths,Hammond B-3, 90 Lights. Smoke Machines, Flash bombs and as much as 7500 watts of 5-way sound greatly enjoyed by crowds estimated in excess of 8,500 people.

Studio Musician : AAA Recording Studio  Boston Mass.
                              Granite Recording Studio New Hampshire & Florida

                 - Song Titles & Times  -

1       "Ancient Worlds"                        4:05
2       "The Ascension"                         4:37
3       "Children of a Rainbow"            4:00
4       "Gardens of Stone"                    2:44
5       "Mystic Nights"                           4:01
6       "Orpheus"                                   4:22
7       "Trident"                                      5:57
8       "Bringer of Song"                      4:02
9       "Ritual Dance"                           5:02
10     "Temple of Life"                         3:22
11     "Tropic Temples"                       3:55
12     "Chamber of Light"                   5:02
13     "Dante's Vortex"                        3:39
14     "Transcending Power"              4:27

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Price  $9.97
shipping and handling
included anywhere in the Continental U.S.

Full length pieces of music are in QuickTime format below.  

* Children of a Rainbow *

 * Ancient Worlds*                                                           
* Dante's Vortex *

* Reviews *

Checked out Ancient Worlds...wow, this is so smooth and soothing with a haunting and infectious melody. Excellent song and recording.
We'll update you soon regarding radio airplay.
Thanks, Rick   
Rick Salvador
Over 30 years recording industry experience in all areas of sales, mktg., and promotion

For the past 11 years,
Owner of Rick Salvador Productions-
a successful marketing, management, and promotion company

Was National Radio Editor of the influential pop music publication
Friday Morning Quarterback

Was a part of the highly successful Capitol Records promotion team which helped break artists like Duran Duran, Crowded House, Tina Turner, Bonnie Raitt, Iron Maiden, Bob Seger, Power Station, Tubes, Motels, Thomas Dolby, Missing Persons...and many more!

  Radio Horizon 98.5 FM

Hello! I have received your CD "Emerson Steinway" Music for the Gods
 and I must tell you that it's a great release!
Be sure that you'll get the best promotion here!
Together in Triumph!

Ambiental Sounds Radio Show
Program Wednesday - Saturday : 8 PM  - 11 PM

David Oldham

   I do a new age radio show called "MUSIC TO HEAL THE HEART", which is the only new age radio show in the state of North Carolina. Recently, I heard some of Emerson Steinway's music on the website of "CD Baby" and enjoyed it so much, that I would like to get some of it from you, to include in a future show. Presently, on the show I am focusing on great electronica / synthesizer artists and I feel this music could make a tremendous contribution to the shows format

  Let me give you a few more details about the show and the station itself. First of all, the show can be heard each and every Sunday morning on WQFS 90.9 fm,on the campus of Guilford College, which is the only Quaker college in the state of North Carolina. According to the Princeton Review, we are the sixth most listened to independent college radio station in the country, with a potential listening audience of about a million people in the area. Having a captive audience of this size, will provide a wonderful opportunity for you and your music to get heard here in the central part of North Carolina.